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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The 5 Senses of Now

Gosh, NYC has some skyline.  Set your eyes on that!  Wow!  No other place in the world looks anything like it!

As I walk in the streets of Brooklyn, I find myself overwhelmed with the sweet smell of pine, as so many Christmas trees are lying on the sidewalks waiting to be collected.  What a treat to the nose.  Who knew NYC good smell so wonderful?  Maybe not for a great reason and not for very long, but it's there and I drink it in with the excitement of a hiker stomping through the great forests of Washington State.

I often wear gloves, but today, without a glove, I could feel the transferred warmth of a man's big soft hand that had just let go of a pole on the subway.  (Forget the germs for just a moment, won't you?)

 While tasting almost any meal in the city, I practically fall over in my deliriously delicious delight for dishes inspired from all over the world.  (I'm certainly not willing to taste anything else in this city!)
Photo by  Phil Penman

I often spend my days walking around with headphones in my ears to block the sounds of traffic.  You guessed it.  I took them off and was overjoyed to hear birds chirping, friendly laughter and little children yipping with delight.

Oh my, are we lucky!  We have 5 senses to explore this amazing world of ours.

We can see it!
We can smell it!
We can touch it!
We have taste it!
We can hear it!

For myself, I've moved from Cape Cod to NYC.  What a difference in every single sense.

Cape Cod looks beautiful.
Cape Cod smells salty fresh.
Cape Cod feels soft, smooth and wet.
Cape Cod tastes like fresh day-boat scallops.
Cape Cod sounds like a breezy ocean wave.

New York City looks inspiring, motivating, shocking, disgusting, lovely.
New York City smells fabulous, delicious, putrid, stinky, horrid.
New York City feels oh so good, hard, cramped, sweet.
New York City tastes like yellow mustard, rotten eggs, moldly bread, pizza, king crabs.
New York City sounds like a deaf child screaming, white noise, warm voices, clanging pots, charming clinks.

What do your 5 senses allow you to experience in your hometown?
Arrive in your presence now and explore.