Sunie Yoga

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Witness Consciousness

Life can get out of hand rather quickly if you let it, especially (but not necessarily) when living in a city.  Things just keep coming up.  Life keeps pouring things into your lap and we sometimes are temporarily blinded to the value life holds.  We can get caught up in how something makes us feel and end up taking on the emotion as if it is who we are.

As I sit here in the silence of NYC, consuming a delicious, home-cooked meal late into the evening, unconcerned and tranquil by my sleepiness, I notice how beautiful life is.  I reflect on my day, recalling a man entertaining a woman while walking home on crutches in bouts of laughter, the receptiveness of the Yoga clients I spoke with today, the smile of my boss after she told me about something she personally accomplished and was proud of, my kindhearted neighbor who giggled as I went jogging by him, the sweet mews of my little kitten as I came home and shouted her name at the window, watching her jump up to look down at me with her big beady eyes in excitement, the thought of knowing a friend was pleased when I told him the new news of my ever-changing living situation, the gentleness of each human being I saw, including my own tenderness.

Today was given to me as a day to truly see and experience the glory of living: joy and love in its purest form.  Today I've tapped into my Witness Consciousness.

While being fully present, I step out of my skin and witness myself as I walk through my day.  I experience each moment, but I do not identify with it.  I am able to stand apart from each situation and appreciate what is being given and received without defining that as who I am.

The practice of Witness Consciousness is to understand that the emotions we feel are not our true nature.  They are only temporary.  Emoting allows us to have a better sense of how we live with what is given to us.  They do not define who we are.  When we can witness ourselves and others, it is easier to let go of judgement and expectation.  We are able to release negative emotions and behavior because we can see it is not essential in aiding us toward our ultimate goal.  This creates space for us to bring more acceptance and harmony into our lives.

Every so often, check in with yourself.  Notice how you are doing and what you are feeling.  Allow yourself to step back and witness yourself experiencing whatever is in your life right now.  Don't let it define who you are.  Let life be.  It will continue to come and flow, to jerk to a stop and speed back up again. There are days it will feel unattainable and overwhelming and days it will feel so good, so rich and so real.  Just let it be.

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