Sunie Yoga

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

By Yourself

I have not had a true day off in over a month, (maybe even 2 months).  Now, given, I tend to like to live my life that way, but sometimes I just need a day of  pure rest.  Usually on my days off I make plans with friends, go to a museum or a beach I've been wanting to see, plan to get certain tasks done that I need done, etc, etc.  A day completely off is hard to come by.  When it finally happens, it is a true gift.  Finally, for me, it has come.  Tuesday is my day of rest.  Tuesday is my day of nothing.  Today is Tuesday.  Ahhh... today is here.

I made no plan.  Sure I have some things I can do, like give a little love to my blog, but I didn't plan anything that I felt I absolutely must complete in order to feel good about my day.  I even cleaned my living space yesterday, so to be sure it was welcoming to me when I woke.  

This morning I kept my eyes closed and lay in silence. I stayed in bed until I was absolutely sure I was ready to get up.  Oh, how I love my bed!  I made myself a warming and healthy breakfast and gazed out the window as I ate.  I had thought perhaps I was going to go for a bike ride in the Province Lands, but the weather has been dark, cold and very wet all day.  Oh goodie!!!

Hmm... meditation?  Curl up with my kitten and read?  Practice Yoga for myself?  I began to slowly separate from the world, hearing my needs.  I closed my curtains, cranked up the heat to be toasty warm, put on some calming jazz, turned all clocks around and put my cell phone on silent in a different room.  There I was.  What shall I do?  I sat with myself and listened.

So far, it has been a marvelous day and rather surprising as well.  I am so grateful to have given myself this time.  And I will make sure to give myself this time at least once a week, as I am a better person when I can rest and listen to my own needs.

Now what about you?  Look at your schedule.  When is your next day off?  Why not give yourself that day to be with you?  Explore your needs on your own.  Check in with who you are and the life you've made for yourself.  Find what is working for you in your life and what isn't.  Let go of the things that make your life too messy.  Surround yourself with love; love from yourself and love from those around you.  You can make your life the way you want, if you'd just listen to yourself by giving yourself time and space to truly feel and be who you are.