Sunie Yoga

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Check in with your Past

In Yoga we so often hear, "Be Present" "Let Go" "Let Your Mind Be Silent"  "Just Be," and although I think this is a wonderful way to live and is how I live the healthiest version of myself, there are times when reflection is greatly needed.  There are times where I take some time to just sit with my past and explore it physically, emotionally and mentally.  I'll visit a place I've been to before because I have a happy memory there, or I'll look at pictures of an event in my life that has made me a better person, or I'll read my journal or notes I've taken on a certain experience in my life and I'll enjoy it.

There is nothing wrong with taking some time to appreciate the value your past has on your life.  The people you've known and the places you've been have brought you to who and where you are today.  Be grateful for your past, for it has provided you a stepping stone to your present life.  And, although sometimes life may be dreary or frustrating, there are many experiences left ahead of you that you are better prepared for because of your past.  Recalling your past can help you make better choices today.  So reflect.  Give yourself a couple of minutes, experience what has passed and find a way to appreciate the the lessons you have learned.  Then "Let Go" "Be Present" and "Let Your Mind Be Silent" for you are ready to take on your future.