Sunie Yoga

Sunday, April 14, 2013


So often we find ourselves in the same situations with the same people in the same place.

This week, challenge yourself to get out and explore something new.  Meet a new person and go somewhere with them that you've never been; take your pup for a walk in a new park you've always thought would be fun but seems so out of the way; involve yourself in something you've wanted to join in on, but just never thought you had the time; explore something brand new and see what it gives back; move to a new place, if the opportunity knocks; take a new job, if you're interested and it's available to you; imagine yourself taking a direction in your life that you never thought you'd take; give yourself the opportunity to dream -- then notice what happens.  Does it scare you?  Does it feel like the chains have been lifted?  Do you have a little more space to breath?  Do you feel like an idiot for wasting your time dreaming about things that will never happen?

Stop listening to the voices in your head and start listening to your heart.  What do you really want?  Put yourself out there.  Send your hopes and dreams out into the universe and believe they will come true.  In the meantime, try something new and see how you feel while you're trying it.

Exploring ourselves can be the most playful and telling things we can do.  It can stimulate creativity and intrigue.  Try it.  You never know what you may gain from the experience.  Hopefully, with a positive outlook, it will be something truly great!