Sunie Yoga

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Living Longer with Love

How much love do you have in your life?  Do you live in isolation and loneliness?  Do you you have so many friends you can't find the time to create deeper bonds with a few specific people?

Find love in your life.  It's easier than you think.  Place yourself into your community by involving yourself in things you love to do.  Join the community garden, take a weekly yoga class at the same place and same time, meet the "regulars" at your neighborhood bar, join a club or attend church on Sunday mornings.  Whatever it is you love to do or want to do (besides your job), set some time aside for it and do it.  You will begin to meet like-minded people and start to form bonds.  Not only is it healthy to be out and active, the people you meet may become a significant part of your life.  Perhaps you'll even meet your future partner or best friend.  If you live in an isolated place (or even if you don't), get yourself a pet to love.

It's worth a shot.  You'll be healthier for it.  Your life will be longer if you give and receive love regularly.  Feeling isolated and rejected triggers the creation of inflammation in the body and compromises immunity.  Feeling loved and honored regulates the body and makes us feel good.

Honor your friends and family.  Tell them you love them.  Express your gratitude for having them in your life and anytime they do something for you.  Forgive them.  Be quick to apologize.  Laugh a lot.

"May the goodness in me greet the goodness in you, always."
With Love --