Sunie Yoga

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Just Being

I've taken my own advice and have been practicing witness consciousness as often as I can; it's been a truly amazing experience.  I have stepped back from identifying with my daily feelings and thoughts and have taken my time living, enjoying every moment of my life. In the midst of this self-inquiry, I've noticed something.  When I step back from life by witnessing myself, quite the opposite ends up happening.  I have since become more open to living and exploring what is in front of me.  My friendships have blossomed, my sense of self has grown immensely and my experience in life has greatly expanded for the better. I find I have been able to take rather large steps forward toward bettering myself as a person by being in touch with what I need and the people around me need without actually trying to figure it out.  Stepping back and witnessing, life reveals itself.

Slow down.  See who and what is in front of you and embrace all that you can.  If we stop trying so hard to be, we can actually just be and life opens to us.  It's a beautiful thing.