Sunie Yoga

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


There are days, weeks, even months, where we can feel like we are barely able to go on, where we want to throw our hands up and shout, “I give up!”,  where all we want to do is lie in bed and breathe.  Have you felt this way, finding yourself at the bottom of the barrel with no way out in sight?    

Feeling sorrow, loss and pain is a big part of life.  This is something we must accept.  Life would be empty if we never lived through these difficult feelings and experiences.  The beauty of opposites (Yin/Yang) is that there is always something stupendous waiting for you on the other side.

At times of suffering, the ultimate goal is to get yourself out of bed and move your body, even if it’s as simple as drinking a cup of tea while gazing at your backyard, meditating in a peaceful place or practicing a yoga pose.  There is always a way to continue on.  Find the peace and strength within yourself and you will find your resilience.

In our Yoga practice, we can discover how to work through anything that happens to us.  We can use these experiences as teachers instead of constraints.  By moving the emotions in and around our bodies, we will find ways to give them expression and let them go.  Our loss and suffering can become profound and positive transformation.  We just have to trust that we can and will move forward.

Apply your experiences to your life, and you will let go of the hurt and pain anything has caused you.  Turn every circumstance to your advantage.  Experience your resilience.