Sunie Yoga

Friday, December 28, 2012

Change in the Air

A quiet day in the neighborhood.  The New Year is on it's way.  Time for New Year's resolutions!!  How do you decide what's right?  Do you take out a pen and jot it down then lose the paper a couple hours later?  Do you sweat over the right choices?  Do you limit your resolution to only one?  Do you forget them as soon as you've written them?  Do you lose sleep with the seriousness of making resolutions?  Or do you not make resolutions?

I'm not too too focused on them, I tend to live by short-term goals, but this coming year I have a few plans... I'm already on the right path, just need to make it all happen in 2013!

1) Practice more Yoga, finding more creative ways to live a Yogic lifestyle.  (Believe it or not, there can never be too much and I don't practice nearly enough, in my opinion.)
2) Find a great job that includes my love for Yoga and peace.  (I need a job that pays me to teach Yoga on a daily basis.  Something that includes my love for health and a holistic lifestyle.  And it needs to be enough money for a decent life.  Where the heck is it?  Any thoughts?)
3) Find a great life partner.  (I know, right?  It's getting embarrassing.  It doesn't help that I continue to move from place to place.  But people are starting to look at me thinking it's a conscious choice I've made to be single.  Am I that old?  I just haven't met the right man for me yet.  I truly want someone in my life on a daily basis to enjoy who I am and what I have to offer and vice versa.  I want more love in my life!  Somehow I still haven't mastered the technique.  I need to figure that one out and 2013 is my year for it!  In the meantime, any pointers???  Blind dates you can send a totally hip, awesome yogi on???...)

A resolution is a part of the Yogic lifestyle.  It is like setting a daily intention, but yearly instead.  You are giving yourself direction, you are allowing yourself to believe great things can happen to you.  By believing, you are changing your experiences in your life; you'll begin noticing everything comes together to aid your life's path.  It may not always seem that way.  Work toward it and you'll witness your life coming together.  You will meet your resolutions and be a better person for it.

(This was one of my resolutions 2 years ago.  I can still do it!)

Share with us a resolution.  How will you follow through with it?  Create a daily mantra to remind yourself of your intention and go with it.  See where it take you.  Perhaps you'll surprise yourself.