Sunie Yoga

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Visual Meditation

It just doesn't want to snow in NYC this winter.  And on days like these (cold, cold rain and darkness), I just want to curl up with my little kitten and watch movies all day.  I just might indulge.  So far it's been lovely.

It also makes me daydream a bit for warm sunny days.

My sister in the Sahara Desert

Or great big snowstorms where you can hardly see your hands in front of you, the snow is so thick and the water is so cold and choppy.

But alas, it is neither too warm nor too cold for sun bathing or snow shoeing.  So, instead I meditate.  I take myself to another place with my mind.  I close my eyes and imagine I am in a beautiful place.  I notice my body temperature rise and fall as I move from one climate to another.  I notice my muscles relax in my travels.  I notice a sense of peace come over my body.

Meditate.  With visualizations or not, it has a glorious effect on our minds and bodies.