Sunie Yoga

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Something Borrowed

When in need, borrow.  So many people have so much to offer; as we travel through life, each of us will need a helping hand.  When a friend offers a hand, there is no shame in taking the help and borrowing their energy to motivate ourselves.

Accept Help
When I've found myself swimming in the middle of a black tumultuous ocean, a friend has always been there to throw me a lifesaver.  He smiles and shares in my sorrow, then tells me to get up and get going.  By the end of the day, we have built something creative and exquisite.  Allowing myself to feed off of his energy and love, I was able to help myself by grabbing a hold.  He met me when I needed it most and together we swam to ashore.

Someone once told me, "Find energy that you are attracted to and share your time with them."

Seeking what we love and surrounding ourselves with compatible, positive energy of others aids us along our own paths.  Leaning on someone, taking their offerings, will give each other a better sense of direction and further our positive growth as people.  

The practice of receiving will open us to deepening who we are both on and off the mat.  Spending the majority of our time among healthy energy within ourselves and one another spawns freedom and delight within the world.  When we are unable to find good energy within ourselves, borrow from another and, in time, we will feed their energy with our own as well.  Sometimes we need to let go of independence and let someone else guide us.  We heal one another. 
Yoga = Union