Sunie Yoga

Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Day Off

How many of us never actually take a day off entirely?  We have off from work, so we need to run errands, check out email, facebook, go from a run, call a friend, etc.  Do you ever give yourself a day (or even a half of a day) to just do nothing but take care of yourself?  No cell phone, computer, demands and work.  Just allow yourself to sit still and breathe.

Taking time to yourself will do us all loads of good.  You will free yourself of worry, stress and emotional baggage.  You'll remind yourself of the simple beauty of living and who you are.  You'll make more clear and precise decisions. You'll come back to work and your loved ones refreshed and more motivated.  

Take several hours a week off to do nothing but breathe.  Your life will become easier.  You will be able to handle the stress of your daily job with a little more grace.  

Try going for a walk and notice the smells and colors around you.  Take a yoga class and notice how your muscles respond.  Have a cup of tea and notice the taste and warmth in your mouth.  Meditate and notice your brain activity.  Find a way to be in the present moment in order to sit with yourself and know who you are.  Bring more peace to your life and you will, in turn, bring more peace to everyone else's.