Sunie Yoga

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Express Yourself

Headed home anticipating the presence of my friend there.

I love her so dearly, because she makes it so clear how much I am needed in her life.  She jumps up and down for joy, screaming and laughing whenever we meet.  She shows me all the things she's been doing since we've separated, glowing with pride for her time well spent.  She gets close to me and gives me big hugs as she is absorbed with this emotion of happiness and joy around me.  In high squeaks, she tells me how thrilled she is to finally see me again.  As we head down our past paths, I find her stories are told with bright animation in a genuine voice.  She never stops to question whether her behavior is acceptable or her stories brilliant.  Once caught up on the past, we settle in and enjoy one another's company.  We sit close while we eat a meal and play games while we chat about our futures.  In the night, we watch movies, enjoying the energy and warmth our bodies share next to one another.  In the day, we enjoy the sunlight streaming in through my windows and celebrate the day by practicing Yoga side-by-side.  She tells me how much she will miss me when I go and how much she can't wait to see me when I get back.  She is pure honest love and feels no shame in expressing to me how much she loves me and needs me in her life.  This is a true friend.  A shining light of love in my life.  I will keep her in my life.



I'm sure by now many of you have guessed my sweet friend is a kitten.  Her name is Dierda.  She is 3 months old.  She is very special to me and a true joy in my life.  How many of you have pets?  Isn't it something special the way we are treated and loved by them and vice versa? Wouldn't it be wonderful if we humans could express our feelings so openly to other humans as Dierda does to me?  

A pet is a wonderful example for us to learn from.  Be honest with yourself about how you feel and we will be a better society because of it.  Express it in your words and your actions; your relationships will be happier for it.  Honor yourself.  Show your true feelings.  You want to cry?  Cry.  You want to love?  Love.  You want to play?  Play!  With each other.  Express yourself.  The positive effect it has on others and yourself is enormously beneficial.