Sunie Yoga

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love is Worth Celebrating

Find yourself seated and allow a stillness to settle in.
Bring your awareness to your heart center.  
Feel the breath flowing through.
What does it feel like as it passes through your chest, past your heart and into the belly?
If you are able to find a a deep stillness, can you feel your heart beat?
Feel the vibrations your body creates and sends into our world.
Connect with the love you feel for yourself and for others.
Allow a small smile to come over your face.
Notice the shift.
Do you feel more connected to your heart center?
Allow your love and compassion to flow through your breath.
Place a hand over your heart and close your eyes for 14 breaths.

It is a beautiful day.  Whether you have another Valentine or not, we can all celebrate love because we can love ourselves.

Connect to a meditation on love.  Think of 5 things you love about yourself.  Really give yourself a chance to reflect on why and what each thing is.  Notice what feelings this reflection brings over you as you focus your awareness on yourself.  Breathe.  Tell yourself, "I love you."

We are such fortunate beings to have the power to love.  There is never any shame in loving.  There is never any hate in loving.  There is only an enormous feeling of joy in our hearts that we can pass along into this world making the world a better place.  Always allow love to shine out as love is the greatest thing we have and can offer to each other.

Happy Valentine's Day to you.