Sunie Yoga

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Water the Plants

Sometimes we forget to water the plants.
Sometimes we forget to give the plants their needed sunlight.
Sometimes we forget to give them a little attention by rotating them or talking with them.
The plants will begin to wilt and shiver.

To a plant, the sun, water and good company are its essence.  We have the power to give the plant life or take it away.  If we talk to our plants, giving them some love and attention, they will grow more beautifully than the year before.

We humans are the same way.  If we forget to feed each other and ourselves what we need, our life is diminished.  Take the time you need to indulge in a little water and food, a little sunlight and warmth and a little love and attention.  When we touch one another, we can heal.  Listen to what you need.  It's never too late to tend to your own and each other's body and soul.  Water the plants and you will establish roots.  You will see such beauty grow and flourish in your life.